A spectral suspension

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Fernanda, Mexico,18, vegan.
Music, the old movies, GIALLO FILMS, those good books, the animals, animals rights. I play the guitar and the drums, Biology, David Bowie, Brody Dalle, Ian Curtis, Kat Bjelland, No doubt, The gits, Garbage, Bikini Kill, Hole, Riot grrrl, Dario Argento's films and MORE, MORE...

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Because feminism being about equality is a third wave idea.
Feminism has always been about liberation from oppressive structures, liberal/3rd wave feminism wants us to be equal in an unequal system, but the patriarchy and capitalism/class structure are so closely tied we can never be truly free from oppression (and this goes for any oppressed demographic) until we get rid of the system that causes these inequalities.


Haruki Murakami 

The Wind-Up Bird chronicle 

(via chaoticstupidity)

(vía chaoticstupidity)